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Wild Flower


We’re very excited to launch our second collection from our in-house bespoke ADDITIONS range - ‘Wild Flower’. This beautiful creation brings together a variety of coloured gemstone and diamonds, allowing you to select the colour and style which appeals to you and your personality.

Sean, owner of Josephs jewellers had recently been inspired by his surroundings, which led him to create Wild Flower and said;

“Whilst riding my bike or walking through the countryside, I noticed something I hadn't seen before, or at least not to this level - wild gardens had suddenly sprung to life. My first thoughts were they looked over grown and un-kept, but when I looked further I realised I was seeing something completely different, which sparked my imagination!”

The more Sean looked around him, the more he saw and went on to say;

“Wild gardens and flowers have a breath taking beauty about them as they encapsulate the wonder of nature. Wild flower gardens and fields of colour are everywhere, appealing to our senses and the colours are simply mesmerising.

This inspiration led Sean to begin his journey in designing the new jewellery collection, Wild Flower. The versatility of this range and endless choice of colour enables us to make pieces totally individual to the wearer. All our Wild Flower jewellery is available in 9ct or 18ct white, yellow or rose gold and brilliant cut diamonds with a centre stone colour of your choice.

Oscar Wilde once said;

"Mere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways".

Choose which is your favourite style and colour or we can help you decide in your consultation. Which colour speaks to your soul? If you would like more information about this range please visit our website and call or email us to discuss your requirements further.

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