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Winter Brilliance. January organising with the art of Rhodium Plating at Josephs Jewellery.

The crisp month of January aligns seamlessly with the perfect time to organise, rejuvenate and elevate the radiance of your cherished jewellery. Having a good sort out of your jewellery and bringing neglected pieces back to life can warm your soul for the winter.


January marks the onset of a fresh chapter, an ideal moment to embrace the renewed elegance of your jewellery. At Josephs, we believe the winter chill and getting organised make January the perfect time to enhance your pieces through rhodium plating.

Platinum Eternity Ring


What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium plating involves coating white gold jewellery with a thin layer of rhodium, a rare and precious metal that belongs to the platinum family. This process not only enhances the lustre of the jewellery but it also provides a protective layer, against tarnishing and scratching. We recommend this is done every 12 months.


We don’t just offer a service - we craft an artful transformation.


The process

Assessment: Our expert goldsmith carefully examines your jewellery to determine the appropriate rhodium plating technique, considering factors such as the condition of the piece.

Preparation: Before plating, we meticulously clean and polish the jewellery to guarantee a flawless surface, allowing the rhodium to adhere seamlessly.

Plating magic: We apply a thin, even layer of rhodium to your jewellery, ensuring a dazzling finish.

Quality check: Each piece undergoes a thorough inspection to guarantee that the rhodium plating meets our high standards, providing you with a piece that stands the test of time.


Why January?

The beginning of the year is synonymous with getting organised and what better way to start than by sorting through your jewellery collection? After the festive season, your jewellery might require a bit of TLC. Rhodium plating in January serves as a new year revival, ensuring your pieces regain their original brilliance after the hustle and bustle of celebrations.


The Josephs touch

Our goldsmith infuses passion and precision into every rhodium plating session. Each piece undergoes careful assessment, ensuring a tailored approach that respects the individuality of your jewellery.

No need to book, just bring in your pieces in to us today and let us work our magic! Prices start from £55 for one item and we sometimes have multi item offers.

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