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Founder of Josephs jewellers of Ormskirk, Joseph started the business in 2000.  Joseph qualified as a jeweller's craftsman and had 22 years experience in the jewellery industry when starting Josephs jewellers. Many of today's collections in fine jewellery throughout the UK are still influenced by Joseph's designs himself. 


Josephs unique jewellery design began in the 1980's with his very own particular style of jewellery. In these early days Joseph exhibited individual pieces in some of the most established jewellers in the North West of England. His success and recognition amongst other jewellers and customers alike, spurred Joseph on to start his very own jewellers. 


In 2005, after several years of owning and running a successful jewellers in the historic market town of Ormskirk, Joseph and his team decided to embark on an expansion plan. A new design studio, from which the Joseph team could design bespoke jewellery and provide a unique shopping experience was born. 

Joseph's brother and business partner Sean has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the corporate jewellery business. In recent years Sean has built a successful brand that is recognised across the jewellery trade. Sean has a dedication and commitment to excellence across the business, providing exceptional service and investing in staff training and wellbeing. The combination of Josephs traditional jewellers and design studio provide an excellent opportunity to view some of the most creative jewellery in the UK. Moreover, the businesses reaction to the growth and popularity of more commercial jewellery has led to Josephs Jewellers expansion of market leading brands in both Women's and Men's jewellery and watches. Brands such as ChloBo, Bering Time, Lucy Q, Andrew Geoghegan, Elliott Brown, Mondaine and D for Diamond to name a few, happily sit amongst the most prestigious and exclusive Diamond jewellery in the store.

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