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Two is the magic number!

Turning a selection of sentimental jewellery into one stunning piece is something we specialise in and love to do.

We have recently had the pleasure of creating a piece of jewellery for our customer and her husband, something we have done many times before for this couple . The last occasion we saw Heather was to have her Mum’s engagement ring re set so that she could wear it as her own, in memory of her beloved mum. Unfortunately this meant she was unable to wear her own engagement ring, so she came to us to discuss different options.

Heather has been married for 34 years this year, so it was important to her to be able to wear her engagement ring. She had the idea of using some of her mum’s gold jewellery alongside the gold from her ring, and the diamond, to make a pendant to wear every day.

It was also very important to Heather to have a double heart symbolising the number two, as this was very significant in her life. Heather and her mum, Heather and her husband, two children, two grandchildren and the double heart symbol placed on her parents grave meant that she wanted the pendant to represent this.

This beautiful double heart pendant has one white gold and one yellow gold heart interlocking with the diamond from Heather’s engagement ring in the centre.

Heather was delighted with the results and told us she is always extremely satisfied with the level of service she and her family get from Josephs and truly trusts the process. Now Heather can wear her engagement ring close to her everyday.

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