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Turning Jewellery No Longer Worn, into Stunning Creations.

At Josephs Jewellery, we believe that every piece of jewellery holds a story, and our passion lies in bringing those stories to life through our bespoke designs. We recently had the pleasure of working with Barbara, a wonderful customer who entrusted us with her older and sentimental jewellery pieces. Her desire was to create something truly unique that she could wear every day.

Barbara had a pair of beautiful cluster earrings and cluster ring that she no longer wore, but was concerned that she might lose them and their value wasted lying in a drawer. Thinking about turning them into a more wearable and meaningful piece, she saw some diamond bubble rings in our shop window and was struck with an idea.

She discovered that we specialised in designing and creating new jewellery from older pieces, and this inspired her to explore the possibility of merging her jewellery into a single, extraordinary piece.

As Barbara entered our store, she said she was warmly welcomed by our team. Intrigued by her vision, we set to work, combining most of the diamonds and all of the gold from her earrings and ring to create the foundation of her new ring.

We decided to reserve some of the diamonds, ensuring a perfect balance and a comfortable fit. This left Barbara with extra diamonds, allowing her to envision future pieces like stud earrings or a pendant.

The final result was breath taking - a stunning bubble ring that surpassed Barbara's expectations. Barbara shared her delight with us,

"It just means that I now have a lovely piece of jewellery that I wear. I wouldn't have worn the pieces as they were before. Now I wear this beautiful bubble ring as an occasion ring, but I could wear it every day. It's a very easy ring to wear because it doesn't catch - I'm thrilled to bits! Everybody was brilliant and couldn't have been more helpful. I would recommend Josephs to anyone!"

Barbara's story doesn’t end there. She also cherished her late husband's wedding ring, wearing it daily as a loving reminder. Concerned about losing it due to its loose fit, she wore two other diamond bands alongside it to keep it secure. Understanding her sentiments, Sean at Josephs proposed a heartfelt idea - combining these two rings with her late husband's ring as the centrepiece, giving it a renewed shine and significance.

Barbara was delighted with the suggestion and embraced the idea wholeheartedly. The skilled hands here at Josephs carefully combined the rings, resetting the single diamond from her late husband’s ring to illuminate brightly. The result was a touching tribute to her late husband's love, now worn by her everyday with ultimate confidence.

Barbara's journey with us here at Josephs Jewellery, showcases the power of sentiment and creativity coming together to create stunning bespoke jewellery. Our dedication to preserve cherished memories, mean we strive to craft one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect the unique stories of our valued customers. We were honoured to be part of Barbara's journey, transforming her treasured jewellery pieces into wearable rings that will forever hold a special place in her heart.

Visit us today, to discuss how you can create bespoke pieces of jewellery with us from older or sentimental jewellery.

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