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Sapphire - the birthstone of September

The symbolism of sapphire encompasses diverse meanings in different cultures. Traditionally, people have loved sapphires for their celestial blues and violets.

sapphire the birthstone of september
Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring

The sapphire belongs to the corundum mineral family and are exceptionally hard and durable so they make excellent jewellery stones. The gemmological definition is, a gem-quality red corundum is a ruby, whereas a gem-quality corundum of any other hue, including colourless, is considered sapphire. Sapphires range from subtle blue to sky blue to royal blue tones, originating from areas such as Sri Lanka, Burma, Madagascar, Tanzania, Australia and Thailand.

How do they get their colour?

This beautiful gemstone gets its colour from trace elements in its chemical structure. Without any impurities, it would be colourless. Chromium traces give corundum its red colour (rubies), while a host of other trace elements give a broad array of colours (sapphires).

The history of what sapphires represent

There has been a long connection with celestial blue sapphires and the planet Venus. Sapphires also represent Friday, the day which is dedicated to Venus.

The stone reputedly attracts wealth and also protected the wearer from envy and infidelity. Traditionally, people believed sapphires had the power to bring harmony between lovers as well as peace between adversaries.

People also used to believe the stone increased the wearer’s overall strength and health, thus warding off illnesses.

What does sapphire jewellery mean?

A sapphire engagement ring means sincerity, honesty, and faithfulness. It is also believed to provide good fortune within marriage and to keep it strong and healthy. The beautiful symbolism and meaning behind sapphires are what makes them so special for engagement, anniversary and eternity rings.

Prince Charles chose a sapphire diamond ring to Lady Diana Spencer for their engagement. Today this ring is worn by the Princess of Wales, Catherine, and features a beautiful sapphire surrounded by a cluster of diamonds.

Popular sapphire ring styles.

Our most popular sapphire engagement ring styles are trilogy rings and clusters. Just like the Princess of Wales stunning sapphire ring, sapphire and diamonds are the perfect combination within jewellery. Cushion, pear and oval cut sapphire engagement rings often have a vintage appearance and have also seen resurgence in popularity. Here at Josephs we have a fantastic selection of colours, shapes and styles of sapphire jewellery for you to choose from for your special occasion.


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