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Creating a beautiful ring to treasure forever.

This time last year I contacted Josephs jewellery for the first as they were highly recommended by a friend of mine. This was important to me as the request was so particularly sensitive to me.

My parents had married after 25 years together, two weeks later my mum had passed away after battling cancer for a year. Fast forward 15 years and it was time to marry my partner of 14 years. My mum’s ring had 3 bands, the two outer bands were gold and the centre was platinum with 3 diamonds. A beautiful ring which I needed resizing and I also wanted the gold bands covering in platinum to match my engagement ring. I had an idea in my head of how I wanted it to look,  but it was just as important that it remained my mum's ring. This was far more difficult than we first imagined. It looked as though I was going to have to remove the two gold bands and replace for new platinum ones. Knowing how much this ring meant to me, and sensing that I was desperate to keep the ring as original as possible, Sean did everything he could to work out a different solution. He understood the importance and how valuable it was to me sentimentally, and that was what was so important to him. After discussions with the goldsmith Nic, they were able to keep the whole ring intact and add the platinum over the top of the gold bands. This was not the the easiest nor the quickest option, but Sean knew it was the right one. It kept my mums ring completely intact - just adding a finish over the top. They were also able to retain the original Boodles Hallmark and resize perfectly.

When the ring was ready after a few short weeks, I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was completely overcome with emotion- it was perfect! For fifteen years, the ring had sat in a jewellery box and when I showed it to my Dad, it brought back so many memories, so many bittersweet memories. It looked just like my mums ring, just a little more me, and he was happy to see it have a new lease of life.

Sean and the entire team went above and beyond through the whole process. It wasn’t about a sale, it was about the experience. It was about creating something to treasure forever. It was about staying true to its value- its real value. I smile every time I look at it. I am so honoured to wear it every day and I am so thankful to Sean and his team for going that extra mile. What a genuinely lovely guy! Thanks for making the experience so special!

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