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Becky & Dan's Love Story

"The proposal was unexpected, it was Jan 20th 2017 and we were in my hometown Royal Leamington Spa, staying with my parents.

Dan tried to get me into the garden by saying it was too warm inside but I wouldn’t go (stubborn haha) - kept chatting away to my mum.

My dad told me there was some baby foxes sleeping down at the end of the garden and if I went down with a torch I could see them. (I believed this obvious lie because they do have foxes live there - not sure why I thought they were sleeping). Dan and I went excitedly to the end of the garden. I noticed Dan looked shifty - I thought he must have been cold because it was January. He started saying lovely things to me and about our relationship. I was sort of listening but mostly trying to find the baby foxes.

After a few minutes of searching for the foxes (dressed in my dads over sized coat and my mums unflattering croc shoes - how romantic), I realised he was speaking seriously, and declaring his love for me (something he doesn’t always do). The penny started to drop and he got down on one knee at the end of the garden.... with the beautiful ring from Josephs.

I was in shock... obviously it was a big yes !!! It was the best surprise ever, and I was in love with the ring. It was perfect, everything I would have dreamt of in a ring and more. So sparkly and one I would have chosen myself. Oh ...and I wanted to marry The man of my dreams too......but the ring helped things.

I also said after I’d said yes to Dan... “So are there any baby foxes ?”

Apparently there’s no baby foxes - so I’m still slightly gutted by this even now.

Obviously we’re now married, very happy and have Thomas who’s nearly one. I still look at my gorgeous ring every day and smile 😀Xxxx"


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