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A ‘perfect’ ending to an emotional story.

We’re always delighted when a customer comes to us enquiring about turning

a sentimental piece or collection of jewellery into a new design.

Quite often, jewellery can be passed down the generations and hold special

memories, but they sometimes require updating into something more

desirable or practical.

This customer’s reason for wanting to re-model some of her jewellery was

certainly an emotional one. Tragically and unexpectedly, she lost the father of

her children and husband of seventeen years.

After he passed, she did what many partners do and wore her husband’s

wedding band next to her own engagement and wedding ring, keeping him

close to her.

After a period of time, she felt it was time to have something permanent done

and wanted to combine all three rings into one special piece and so came to us

to discuss options. After working together to find a design that would be

wearable everyday and a fitting tribute to her late husband, we came up with

the perfect design.

The original gold and diamonds were used from all of the rings, but in order to update it, we discussed adding in platinum and some additional diamonds.

We managed to use all of the gold and diamonds from all three rings and

added some platinum with a few extra diamonds to create a unique and

modern look.

Our customer was thrilled with the result and loved the combination of both

metals to give that two-tone look.

She said.

“I absolutely love it- it’s just so perfect. I couldn’t have wished for a better ring.

It was really important to me as it has so much sentiment. It’s a permanent

memory and I wear it every day”

We always love being part of a story with great sentiment, and we feel privileged to have been part of this process.

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