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Our latest story is somewhat of an emotional one, although thankfully the result was very comforting for our client and emotionally rewarding for ourselves. We love creating sentimental jewellery for our customers, and this one was a unique creation and a challenge like no other before.

An old school friend contacted Sean following the passing of their family pet Tyson, to see if we could make a gold pendant to hold a portion of his ashes as their beloved family dog had recently passed. Karen and Jimmy, Tyson’s family, were understandably devastated. Jimmy wanted to give Karen some comfort in giving her something to remember Tyson by, and thought a sentimental piece of jewellery would be perfect.

Jimmy wanted to create a pendant in the form of a dog bone. During the consultation we decided on a subtle bone detail within an open heart surround incorporating a centre paw feature which created a softer and more feminine look.

The ashes were a very personal touch and although an integral part of the design they didn’t need to be seen, therefore we could conceal them in a hollow dome on the reverse of the pendant. This feature allowed the ashes of the beloved Tyson to be close to Karen’s heart – worn with love everyday.

The pendant was created using contrasting shades of 18ct white and yellow gold and finished with a single brilliant cut diamond. Jimmy presented the pendant on Karen’s birthday whilst saying goodbye to Tyson, spreading his ashes somewhere special to them all. It was a perfect ending to a very sentimental day – Karen was delighted.

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of making this unique sentimental piece of jewellery for Karen. We would love to hear from you if you would like a piece of jewellery creating for any occasion or significance in your lives. Please get in touch via email or call and make a private appointment, available weekdays after 4pm.

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