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A NEW way of shopping with Josephs.

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

We interviewed our branded jewellery consultant Dani about her thoughts and perspective from the shop floor during the covid-19 pandemic. As all businesses have had to adapt to the current climate, our customers face a new way of shopping and we have implemented and embraced a new way of selling.

How have you found working in a 'new' environment?

It was strange at first, but having all the procedures we have put in place has made us feel safe and able to keep our customers safe.

What measurements have you put in place to make it safe for your customers?

We have screens on both of our counters which enables us to still handle jewellery and tend to our customers in a safe but accessible way. We also have hand sanitisers on both counters and social distance markers on the floor. We open at the slightly later time of 10am to enable us to clean and sanitise surfaces. Only two people are allowed in the shop at one time.

Are the current Government guidelines working for your business?

The guidelines are in place to keep us all safe so we have to adhere to them. Business has naturally slowed down for everybody as everything takes much longer with the limited number of people we can have in the shop at any one time and also extra cleaning and sanitising, but generally it has been really good.

Are people having to wait a long time to enter the shop?

The waiting time to come into the shop is usually not long. We have also put an appointment system in place, whereby we close the shop at 4pm and accept appointments from then on to accommodate people needing longer to see us. These appointments are aimed at people looking for engagement rings, wedding rings or remodels and bespoke jewellery. This is working really well.

What has the feedback from customers been like so far?

Customers have been amazing. They are really supportive and glad to see us open again. People are very understanding and patient, even when they have to wait to come in. We are all in the same boat and have to get used to the new 'normal' for the time being.

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