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A letter of first love.

Rob is Josephs and the rest of Ormskirk’s long standing, helpful and friendly Postman. So when Rob came to us for help in choosing the perfect engagement ring for Cathy, we were delighted! He told us the story about how they first met, and it was such a romantic love story that we wanted to share it.

Rob and Cathy first met in secondary school. They were in the same class and often looked over at each other hoping to catch one another's eye. They didn't really mix in the same circle of friends, but they both liked each other, but were too shy to say anything.

Towards the end of the final year at school, Cathy confided in some friends and made them promise not to say anything, which they didn't. Cathy built up the courage to speak to Rob at the leavers disco at the end of term, but Rob had decided not to go and Cathy missed her opportunity!

Cathy and Rob went their separate ways and eventually had families of their own. After 37 years, Rob came across Cathy on Facebook through a work colleague of his who was Cathy's cousin. Rob decided to get in touch and Cathy was delighted to hear from him again all these years later. They decided to meet and they clicked straight away!

39, years on from leaving school, Cathy and Rob are now engaged to be married and are deeply in love.

We were so delighted to hear this heart warming story after Rob had come to us to buy Cathy's engagement ring, that we just had to share it with you!

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