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Valuations for Insurance

Why do I need my jewellery valued?

Having your jewellery insured is the best way to protect your jewellery in the event of loss or damage to the items. It is also to make sure you get the correct amount for your jewellery when you have to claim against your insurance. You will always need a professional valuer to examine your jewellery and provide you with a certificate for insurance purposes. At Josephs we provide you with a precise description of your jewellery along with a valuation that you can use to protect your precious jewellery.

We know that some items of jewellery are sentimentally irreplaceable, however in the event of anything happening to your treasured possessions, it's always good to know that your valuation is up to date, reducing any stress or emotional upset.

Why do insurers need a valuation?

You must be able to prove that you were the owner of the jewellery in the event of a claim. Valuations confirm you are the owner at the time of valuation and also give the correct replacement value. Valuing an item of jewellery after you have lost or damaged it can often result in under valuation, so it’s important to value the pieces that are most precious and expensive.

I've already had my jewellery insured - do I need to get it done again?

Even if you've had your jewellery insured previously we would recommend you get your jewellery re valued every 3-4 years. Also the price of precious metals has gone up dramatically in the last few years, so you may well find the value has increased.

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