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Her dream engagement ring.

Did you choose your own engagement ring? Did your partner? Did you choose it together? Or did you design it yourself?

One lovely customer came to us wanting to do the latter as she had the perfect design in mind! She knew it was a design that was unique to her and not something she'd ever seen in a jewellers window before. She came to Josephs to turn her dream ring into reality and had a very clear idea of what she wanted. We wanted to help her achieve this as we knew how important it was to her.

We created a visual for her using CAD on our computer and cast a silver sample first to make sure it was exactly how she wanted. The customer also expressed the desire to have more diamonds in the ring, so we set diamonds in the shoulders.

This unique Marquise shaped diamond is set in platinum with 18ct rose gold detailing.

If you would like an engagement ring or any other piece of jewellery created, then please get in touch and we can talk you through your options and start the process of creating something that is truly unique to you.

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