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One family's story....

We are often very privileged to meet generations of families that have been customers over time and this story is particularly poignant as we have got to know this family very well over the years.

This is a story about a mum and two daughters who have been coming to Josephs for many years through happy times and sad times. Jewellery can be a symbol of joyous occasions and a comfort in difficult times. This particular time was a mixture of both.

Inherited jewellery from a grand parent has been transformed into wearable jewellery that both mother and daughters can share, remember old memories and share new ones.

Below are the images of the jewellery before and show the melting down process.

During the consultation we deliberated over the inherited jewellery to see what styles and pieces were going to be used for each individual's taste and through laughter and tears it was decided that mum would have a bangle and diamond earrings made and both daughters would have a ring each, one diamond three stone and one sapphire and diamond three stone ring.

Below are the images of the new pieces of jewellery.

We think you will agree that all four pieces are stunning and we hope that the family will have a lot of pleasure from them for many years to come.

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