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Elliot Brown watches and our day aboard the Clipper 70's!

If you're an active, thrill seeking, all round outdoor person, the Elliot Brown watches are definitely for you. Equally if you are non of these things, but LOVE a quality, precision designed watch on your arm, then take a look at some of the fantastic collections Elliott Brown has to offer.

To quote Elliot Brown themselves, they immerse themselves in a coastal playground where salt water, sand and harsh knocks place huge demands on any watch.Distilling almost 20 years of experience from the world of extreme sports the founders and designers of this brand threw off their career comfort blankets to develop a range of durable watches that could travel on every adventure.

They are also perfectionists when it comes to the design and functionality of every watch they make. Every Elliot Brown watch is the result of 1000’s of hours spent obsessing over the smallest details; refining, improving, inventing, and testing.

The technical bit: Every watch must pass a rigorous testing regime including immersion in water at 200m or 300m. This is typical of the lengths this British brand goes to, in making sure each one is perfectly placed whether you are in the office or on your next adventure!

Our day aboard the Clipper 70's with Elliot Brown.

Some of us at Josephs were given the opportunity to meet with the team at Elliot Brown recently, as we were invited to spend the day with them aboard the Clipper 70’s. Their relationship with the Clipper Race spans 4 years!

It was such a privilege to get to sail on this incredible Round the World Racing yacht. We had a fabulous day - a truly once in a life time opportunity. And to top off the day nicely, our team won the race too!

Thank you once again to the team at Elliot Brown and the crew.

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