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A sentimental ring design for one of our customers.

More and more, we are asked to design jewellery for people using the metal and/or diamonds or stones from a past loved one. Jewellery handed down, often has sentimental value, but it might not be practical to wear, the right size or suit the person it's been given to. This was the case with this particular customer who had been given her Mother's engagement ring after she passed away. It wasn't practical for our customer to wear it as an engagement ring, so she decided to use the diamond to create a new dress ring that could be worn on her right hand.

The image below shows you the CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing of the new dress ring, using the diamond from her Mother's ring.

The next stage in designing a ring is to create a wax of the ring, so the customer can try it for size and get a feel of design. In the image below, we have inserted the diamonds into the wax, to give the customer a more accurate idea of the finished ring.

The final stage. We created a beautiful 18ct White Gold and 3ct Brilliant cut Diamond dress ring. I'm sure you'll agree it looks stunning!

If you have a design you’d love to turn into a reality, a family heirloom you’d like to use the Diamonds from, or you would like to discuss creating a bespoke piece of jewellery, then please call us to book an appointment. We’d be happy to help you achieve your dream.

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