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Christmas LOVE for an Eternity.

Eternity rings are traditionally given to mark a special anniversary or time in your life together. Nowadays couples also look to buy Eternity Rings to show their love for each other and to symbolise the strength of their relationship.

Christmas is also a popular time to think about buying an Eternity ring, to show your partner how much they mean to you this . What could be better than a stunning Eternity Ring.

At Josephs we understand that purchasing a Diamond Eternity Ring as a Christmas present for your partner is a decision that need some consideration and thought. We can help you select the perfect ring as there are many factors to consider.

Why an Eternity Ring?

The Eternity Ring has been around since 2,000 BC! Always given as the symbolism of commitment and eternal love!

It is traditionally designed from a continuous band of precious metal set with a line of identically cut diamonds. The continuous band is to symbolise the unbroken bond of a relationship of two people going through the journey of life as one - how romantic…. It is also said to symbolise the circle of life, which is why it can often be given after the birth of a couple’s first born. Therefore it’s safe to say that whatever your interpretation is of this longstanding tradition, it certainly is a romantic one! And we LOVE romantic stories….

What styles are there?

An Eternity Ring is usually worn on the same finger as the Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring, therefore you should consider whether it will fit with current or future wedding sets.

Eternity Rings are available in full and half rings. A full eternity ring will have diamonds set all the way around the band. A half style only has the stones across the top of the band.

The setting is an important consideration too. We offer a wide selection of Eternity Rings in a variety of settings including channel, claw, micro, pave or grain set designs.

Once you have decided on the style of the Eternity Ring, you need to consider the metal. 18ct white gold Eternity Rings are timeless and will complement most existing jewellery. However, 18ct yellow gold and platinum eternity rings are just as special.

Eternity rings are one of our specialisms, therefore we have a very wide selection of Eternity rings. However if you still can’t find what you are looking for, or you want something more unique to you, then we offer a bespoke design service.

Our team of jewellery experts and master craftsmen will make your vision a reality with helpful guidance on all aspects of Eternity rings.

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