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ChloBo wrap you in LOVE this Christmas at Josephs.

Don't you just love a romantic Christmas story? We do! When one of our favourite brands ChloBo announced they were launching a Christmas capsule collection, we jumped up and down with excitement, especially when we heard the story behind its creation! If you LOVE ChloBo, you'll LOVE this collection. Whether it's a treat for you or someone close and special to you, you'll find something that's bound to get your taste-buds flowing.

Here's ChloBo's Christmas story....

The " First Snowflake" 2017 ChloBo Christmas capsule has been created by Chloe and her design team to capture the romance and atmosphere of Christmas; the moment those first few snowflakes begin to fall telling us all that not only is it here-but that it's going to be real, magical and exciting. This capsule of soft colours and mixed metals is a great backdrop for romance and gestures of love between partners, friends and family. From the gorgeous ' Wrap me In Love' puffed heart and silver ribbon bracelet and the " Chiming Hearts" wear-forever bracelet to the seasonal love expressed in the "Magic Of Christmas" Set of Two there will be no better gift to be seen giving this Christmas.

Romantic Colours

Each piece carries strong seasonal significance and is designed to conjure up a sense of love and memories. The soft glow of pale moonstone, silver and rose gold reflect the purity of new snow and the warm colours of fireside and candles. And alongside a brand new silver puffed heart with a pretty bow there are two pieces within the capsule for the shy romantic -featuring a ' hidden heart' -you have to look to find it, but it's there, nestling at the centre of the snowflake and as 3D detail on a Christmas bell.

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