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Transform your family heirloom Wedding band into a modern day version that you'll love!

At Josephs Jewellers of Ormskirk, we offer a unique service that will enable you to wear your old family heirloom wedding band with confidence! Your sentimental yellow gold Wedding band will touch your skin, whilst giving a contemporary design on the outside, keeping the memory alive for generations to come.

Allow us to cap your cherished family heirloom Wedding ring, with the metal of your choice (white gold, platinum or palladium). We can transform your ring into a modern and bespoke Wedding ring that you'll love to wear on your special day.

At Josephs we are delighted to offer this truly unique service. It can make such a difference to a couples special day and allow the person to wear a truly 'special' ring, that is not only bespoke, but unique to them. Every customer at Joseph's who have capped their family heirloom into a modern day version, have been overjoyed with the results and it really has made a big difference to the sentiment of their day.

This unique service starts from just £250.

John and Caroline have recently allowed Josephs to cap a wedding band for them. Caroline explains,

"Recently my Dad passed away on the run up to our Wedding. After visiting Josephs to purchase our Wedding rings, it was explained to me that they could cap my Dad's ring in Platinum (my choice of precious metal). Thanks to Josephs, through his Wedding ring, it really felt like Dad was there, giving us both his blessing. Thanks Josephs, the rings look amazing!"

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