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Top tips when buying an Engagement Ring!

Engagement rings are a subject often not discussed at length, due to proposals more often than not being a surprise. Therefore it can be a very hard decision making process when looking to buy your partner their engagement ring. Joseph's Jewellers of Ormskirk would like to give you five top tips to help you find your own unique ring, regardless of whether it's one person looking or both of you. If you want a one off, that's totally unique to you and your spouse to be, then keep these tips somewhere safe!

1. Do your homework and get inspiration. You can be inspired from anywhere, from magazines, to pinterest, to insta, to other people's rings. Don't be afraid to ask people if you can have a good look at their rings (not to copy of course, but maybe take some inspiration from) take pictures of friends’ rings, go window shopping, even create a mood board. Knowing you and your partner's style is really important too. Are you a traditionalist or a bit wacky? Are you glam, or a girl/boy next door type? It's always important to remember that your engagement ring should be an extension of your personality. These factors can be brought into the ring creation. Joseph's of Ormskirk can help you to put all this together.

2. Find a jeweller you trust, either through recommendation or previous purchases. This is very important. You want to feel comfortable that you can tell them exactly what you want and how much you want to pay. If they know what they are doing and are very experienced, then they will put you at ease straight away. Trust is very important; when you are purchasing such a precious piece of jewellery it takes time to build such an important relationship between jeweller and customer.

3. Decide on a budget! Custom rings are not just for the elite, but because of their endless possibilities and the fact that there are usually diamonds involved, they can get pricey pretty quickly. So set your budget, be upfront about it with your jeweller, and stick to it. There are many ways a jeweller can help you can stretch your budget to get the perfect ring. And remember, bigger is not always better.

4. Choose the stone. Choosing the stone is not only educational, but fun too! When you're designing your own ring, you start with your stone and then choose a setting. At Joseph's, our design team goes through all of the shapes and sizes of diamonds until you find the perfect stone. It's important to remember that quality of diamonds can vary drastically, so it’s imperative you find a jeweller who can give you the best quality piece for the best price. Many of Joseph's diamonds are independently certificated by one of the World Wide diamond houses, however Sean at Joseph's jewellers stresses that although this certificate is important, you should never forget that you buy your diamond with your own eyes!

"The diamond should speak to you; it should make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end just like your other half! And then you know you've found the one."

5. Have an open mind - rings can look very different on! Today, anything is possible in terms of design! Thanks to CAD, (computer-aided design) you can see what your ring will look like before you commit. CAD will help your jeweller take the design and the specifications and build a 3D design for your approval. Have fun, and be a little adventurous, this is a unique opportunity to showcase your personality. When customers see the final piece completed, they can't believe that they have had a hand in its design. Being involved in the process makes customers feel a stronger bond for their unique ring. A custom design piece of jewellery always turns into an heirloom, and something to treasure forever.

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