Are you a budding jewellery designer? Every dreamt of designing a piece of jewellery, having it displayed on our website and social media for everyone to see and winning up to

£70 in Amazon vouchers?

Our competition is open to 3 different age groups - as they are adapted according to age and thus ability. Our prizes are reflected with this in mind. 

Please read the brief, how to enter and the prize for the correct age group you or your children wish to enter as they differ.



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


1. Design a piece of jewellery using inspiration from the things around you at home. Look at the things around you like fruit, wallpaper, furniture, toys, and things in the garden or outside. It must be hand drawn but you can use any medium, such as paints, pencils, pens, watercolours, paper or card or re-cycled material. Please write your full name and year group in the top right hand corner of your design, along with your parent/guardian email address so we can track you. 

You can also use the internet for inspiration. Maybe you want to research famous jewellery designers, famous artists or designers to inspire you!

2. Please submit a word/PDF/Notepad or scan/picture of a hand written document as a separate file to your drawing to tell us where you got your inspiration from and NAME your design. There is no word minimum or maximum here. If you only want to write a few sentences that is fine by us; equally if you want to write a whole page of information we'd be happy to read that too!


1st prize from each category £70 Amazon voucher*

Runner up prize £30 Amazon voucher*

All winners and runner ups will get their design posted on our website and social media platforms. Once we are back open the winning design only from each category will also be displayed in our window!  

*Winners will receive an Amazon voucher via email courtesy of Josephs. 



Complete the entry form making sure you have filled in all the sections along with a picture/scan of your design and your inspiring words - it's that simple!


31st May 2020 1PM