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Show-stopping Diamond Bubble Necklace.

We were recently approached by one of our longstanding customers Janice, to make a unique and stunning piece of jewellery for her. Janice had her first piece of jewellery made by us over 15 years ago and has since been a valued customer of ours.

A few years ago Janice brought us a diamond tennis bracelet to repair and we advised her to only wear it on occasion as it was fragile. Janice decided to leave the bracelet with us and said she wanted to use the diamonds from it to make another item of jewellery at a later date. A few years later, whilst on holiday, Janice decided the time was right to have something special designed for her and contacted us to see what we could do. She had some solitaires, a cluster ring and a ring of her Mum’s that she no longer wore to add to the diamonds from the tennis bracelet.

Janice brought her collection of diamond and gold jewellery into store to start the process of designing and making a bespoke piece. It was decided that given the amount of diamonds she had, a showstopping necklace would be perfect. We worked on getting the design just right for Janice, as the initial design of the necklace was too small, so we re-drew until it was perfect. Janice said “Sean placed the diamonds on top of the 2D design, so I could get a better understanding and vision of what it would look like.”

Janice went on to say, “Sean asked me if I already had a chain I would want to use at home, so I said I would look. He also said he would find one to show me.”

When Janice came in to look at the necklace, we had chosen a chain and coincidently the chain Janice brought in with her was identical. Janice wanted a statement piece of jewellery that she could wear with plainer outfits for special occasions, and that is what was achieved – Janice loved it.

Janice continued, “I wear my 3.5ct engagement ring and my original bubble ring bought from Josephs 15 years ago every day, and this new necklace matches them perfectly – I just haven’t had many occasions to wear it yet!”

Janice was delighted with the whole process from start to finish and wanted to share her story with others. We are sure you’ll agree this bespoke necklace made for Janice is a fabulous showstopping piece.

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