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Button Love!

A seamstress and avid button collector, Carol had wanted to have a bespoke button ring made for many years. 3 years ago she had been left a considerable amount of gold jewellery from her late Mum, but unfortunately much of it was broken and not wearable.

Carol approached us (Josephs), to enquire about her long desire of having a button ring made and using her Mother’s jewellery to create it. She discussed her passion for buttons and we were delighted to help. We discussed different options and it was decided that given the amount of old jewellery and Carols button love, we should make a matching bangle too.

The ring is a yellow gold band, with a white gold button top. Additional sentiment has been encapsulated in the ring by adding varying sizes of the birthstones of herself, husband and two children; sapphire, garnet, amethyst and diamonds have been set in the four button holes.

Carol was so overjoyed by the two pieces of button jewellery, she subsequently had a pair of button earrings and necklace made to compliment. She said, “I never take my jewellery off, apart from the earrings every night when I go to bed, but then the are straight back on in the morning!” Due to the unique design of this collection, she often receives complimentary comments about them, and of course this promotes the discussion of Carols love of buttons.

Since this collection was made, we have also made her an eternity ring which she loves and cherishes – and no it isn’t in the shape of a button! Carol would highly recommend anyone else with older sentimental jewellery which cannot be worn, to consider having bespoke jewellery made as it has brought her great pleasure.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any bespoke jewellery requirements.

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