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A ‘cocktail’ of sentimental diamonds.

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

We create unique bespoke pieces of sentimental jewellery every week for our customers and because they are all born from different backgrounds and a variety of gems and precious metals, we love sharing the stories.

This particular ring was created using the diamond from our client, Tina’s own engagement ring and the diamond from her recently passed Mum’s ring. This meant her own diamond and that of her mums would sit together forever in one ring. The new cocktail ring was made from a combination of these, plus other sentimental gold and diamond jewellery. Combining all the memories into one ring allows Tina to wear it every day with love and affection.

The exciting challenge for us was to bring such an impressive number of diamonds together in one ring and still be comfortable for Tina to wear, whilst retaining its elegance. The cocktail design lent itself perfectly to this. The use of white and yellow metals incorporated in the design further added to its contemporary look.

Tina said, “I haven’t got enough fingers to wear all the rings I wanted to wear, so it made sense to bring them all together.”

She also said the process was exciting and her basic ideas came to life once she saw it start to take shape. Tina kept the original setting on her own engagement ring and replaced the diamond, giving her a revitalised look.

Tina saw other examples of our bespoke unique jewellery pieces on our website and social media and it inspired her to contact us and do something similar. If you would like to create a piece of jewellery using sentimental jewellery, please contact us on 01695 577717 and make an appointment.

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