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A bangle made out of love, with added sentiment.

Brenda came to us wanting to create a beautiful piece of jewellery using a selection of her recently passed Mum’s jewellery. Brenda wanted to be able to wear the sentimental jewellery everyday as it was special and held memories not only of her Mum, but her Dad too who always bought the jewellery for her.

Brenda was unsure of what could be created as there was a substantial amount, so we discussed some ideas with her to use as much as we could from the gold and diamond jewellery. It was decided a gold and diamond bangle would work well for Brenda, allowing her to wear it most of the time when she went out for lunch or shopping and special occasions. We used the diamonds from her Mum and Auntie’s engagement ring and the gold from the rest of the jewellery. We discussed the idea of adding her Mum’s birthstone (Ruby) into the bangle to add some colour and additional sentiment for her which she loved.

Brenda is extremely happy with the bangle and feels as though if she had not have had this made, the jewellery may not have been worn and put in a jewellery box.

Sentimental jewellery that may not be to our customers tastes or having too much to wear on a daily basis can mean it can be passed down from generation to generation and never be worn again. By ‘re-inventing’ jewellery and creating a new piece which is to the customers tastes and requirements, can be such a fulfilling and meaningful experience.

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