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Turning sentimental jewellery into one stunning bangle!

A lovely lady visited our shop with an idea in her head. She wanted to turn sentimental and older jewellery that she no longer wore into a piece she could wear with love and pride. She had her late mother's wedding ring, eternity ring and other pieces of jewellery that she thought we could use to create something special.

Initially our customer was looking to have a ring made, however after much discussion we suggested that, due to the amount of jewellery she had, having a bangle designed and made would be a better idea. We could now use all of the jewellery to make one stunning piece.

Once we suggested ideas to our customer, we then discussed with our in-house goldsmith the design options available and gather more ideas. The final design was created and using the various sized diamonds from the original jewellery, we suggested scattering them around the bangle in a swiss setting.

Our goldsmith came up with the idea of setting more diamonds on one side of the bangle than the other, making it a more casual bangle for every day and then a more sparkly dressy piece for evenings and special occasions. The best of both worlds.

The customer loved this idea and has been in to see us since to tell us how pleased she is with her new piece.

If you would like to come in and discuss having a bespoke piece of jewellery made, then please don't hesitate to contact us on : 01695 577717

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