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Celebrating our past, excited about our future....

This month we celebrate our '18th' birthday, which happens to be '18th' March! To mark this occasion at 18:00 hours on 18th March, we will be sharing something exciting with you all in celebration of our wonderful time in business so far and looking ahead to a positive future.

In our historic town, the sense of community and support has driven our business forward. We are proud to be situated near the iconic clock tower in Ormskirk, and we will be taking inspiration from this sentimental landmark in the future - always looking ahead, but embracing our history.

Josephs story began 18 years ago in a smaller shop on the same street in Ormskirk by brothers Joseph and Sean. 5 years later we expanded into our current location to establish the jewellery design studio you see today. With an in-house goldsmith and design technology, we are able to create bespoke jewellery specialising in diamond engagement and dress rings, tailoring designs to suit individual requirements.

This year on the 18th day at 18:00 hours of every month up until December, Josephs will be showcasing something special, which will highlight our jewellery skills and craftsmanship linked with historic moments in time within our community. We want to take you on a journey showing you our best designs, our most memorable creations, and sharing our customers sentimental stories along the way.

The 18th day at 18:00 hours in our 18th year will serve as a reminder that Josephs are part of something fabulous and we are forever grateful to our customers for their loyalty and support.

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