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Diamonds passed down generations to make a stunning contemporary ring.

We absolutely love it when we are asked by our customers to create a new piece of jewellery using diamonds from family heirlooms. It's often the case that people are left jewellery from family members that might not be to their exact taste. Jewellery is a very personal thing, and what might be right for one person is not for another. This can just simply be down to taste, or it can be down to latest trends, hand size, hair colour, personality etc. There are many reasons why a piece of jewellery might not suit you, bearing in mind that jewellery must always reflect your personality!

One of our lovely customers approached us to see what we could do with her Grandmother's diamond ring and bracelet. The customer thought she might be able to use the diamonds to make one statement ring, but wasn't sure if this would be possible.

We discussed what options she might want to think about, and she decided on creating a contemporary style ring using all the diamonds from her Grandmother's jewellery. We worked with her to design the shape of the ring. Firstly creating a CAD image (below) for her to see, and then a wax to try, eventually turning the dream into a reality.

Our customer can now wear this ring with love and affection for her Grandmother everyday and enjoy her new piece of fine jewellery.

In this design we used the customers own diamonds, however we can create bespoke pieces of jewellery using a combination of older diamonds an newer ones, or new diamonds with either Gold or Platinum from another piece of jewellery. If you'd like to design a bespoke piece of jewellery either from scratch or using a family heirloom that's sitting in the drawer, then we would love to hear from you.

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