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A 'sweet' proposal story for one of our customers!

We're often asked questions such as "What happens if a Man buys his girlfriend an engagement ring and she doesn't like it?" "How many Men come in and choose the engagement ring without discussing it with their girlfriend first?" "How many couples come in together to discuss the engagement ring?"

These are all great questions, and it's interesting to see how different people approach the subject and execution of getting engaged! It always used to be a surprise. The Man would pick what he liked/what he thought she would like and budget would definitely dictate the decision. Whilst budget is still very important, these days there is so much more choice, and with the technology of CAD, designing your own ring on a budget is much easier.

But how do you get around the surprise element when you know you want a bespoke engagement ring? This customer of ours found the perfect solution. He decided to propose using a sweet shaped as a ring! He even put it in a ring box! We would have loved to have seen her reaction! And..... did she eat it afterwards? Well, maybe just a nibble!

After visiting a few different jewellers looking at different designs, our customers decided to come and speak to us regarding their dream engagement ring. We explained that we would be able to make them a bespoke engagement ring by using our CAD technology and guide them through the exciting process using our expertise and passion.

After looking at several designs, drawing on inspiration from various places, our customer decided on a two metal design using yellow gold for the band designed with graduated diamonds and white gold for the claws, setting off a stunning single round diamond.

The results were exquisite, and we had two very happy customers! If you have a similar idea in mind, or simply want to discuss designing a bespoke piece of jewellery, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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