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Beautiful and Bold Coloured Gemstones are HOT!

There is absolutely no doubt that the popularity of coloured stones is still going strong. There's a skyrocketing demand at the moment as people appreciate their beauty and value. No longer are our windows all about the clear diamonds, but an abundance of colour is shouting from the sides and making a real impact! Beautiful and bold is definitely the trend everyone is heading for and wanting to wear regularly. This growing popularity has been heavy influenced by fashion trends, with bright bold colours still taking centre stage at most runway shows.

At Josephs we believe coloured gemstones are appealing more and more to our customers, as they are wanting to embrace the boldness and style.It's very interesting watching the more unusual stones taking the limelight. 2017 has been a very exciting time as customers are much more aware and desire these stones, and with bespoke jewellery being so much in demand, having a statement stone which is different and a talking point is very attractive.

Some of the most popular stones at the moment are yellow hues of sapphires, citrines and diamonds. Recently we've noticed my customers are looking for something a bit different than a modern brilliant cut diamond. We're being asked to find old mine-cut diamonds, coloured diamonds and more interesting cuts.

Whether your choice of gemstone jewellery is set with white diamonds or one of nature’s cornucopia of coloured gemstones, be sure you opt for something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Be bold and proud!

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