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Valuations for Insurance

Why do I need my jewellery valued? Having your jewellery insured is the best way to protect your jewellery in the event of loss or damage to the items. It is also to make sure you get the correct amount for your jewellery when you have to claim against your insurance. You will always need a professional valuer to examine your jewellery and provide you with a certificate for insurance purposes. At Josephs we provide you with a precise description of your jewellery along with a valuation that you can use to protect your precious jewellery. We know that some items of jewellery are sentimentally irreplaceable, however in the event of anything happening to your treasured possessions, it's always

A very special wedding ring.

A customer came to see us along with her father to see us about the possibility of using her mother's wedding ring for her own special day. The original ring was a mix of 18ct yellow gold and platinum which can be seen below. Unfortunately, although she loved the design of this very sentimental wedding ring, her engagement ring was platinum, and so began the incredibly complex process of converting the raised yellow edge of the ring from 18ct to platinum. As you will see from the photographs, the process was rather challenging, but the finished result was extremely satisfying and the look on our customer's and her father's face was a very touching moment and one that will stay with me for a

Turning sentimental jewellery into one stunning bangle!

A lovely lady visited our shop with an idea in her head. She wanted to turn sentimental and older jewellery that she no longer wore into a piece she could wear with love and pride. She had her late mother's wedding ring, eternity ring and other pieces of jewellery that she thought we could use to create something special. Initially our customer was looking to have a ring made, however after much discussion we suggested that, due to the amount of jewellery she had, having a bangle designed and made would be a better idea. We could now use all of the jewellery to make one stunning piece. Once we suggested ideas to our customer, we then discussed with our in-house goldsmith the design options a