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What is Rhodium plating, and why do we recommend it?

Rhodium is a type of precious metal belonging to the platinum group of metals. Rhodium is as equally hard as platinum but is less dense so consequently it is lighter. When the precious metal white gold is rhodium plated it will look more like platinum, because the natural colour of white gold has slight yellow tones. The process of white gold: Pure gold is 24ct which looks very rich yellow, this is then alloyed to make it more durable but also to change the colour. In the UK we tend to work with mainly 9ct and 18ct gold. To make the gold appear whiter it is alloyed with white metals such as silver and platinum. Both the 9ct and 18ct white golds have a warmer tone to them when compared to the

Behind the scenes in the making of our new video!

When we decided to invite Jarilo Design into our ‘home’, we were a little apprehensive as to how we were going to feel in the spotlight! After meeting Mark and the team and having our first brew of the day, we could tell it was going to be a great day! We wanted to create a video that captured many of the services we offer here at Josephs Jewellers, so that our customers could gain a better insight into what we do. Watch the video below: Our in-house goldsmith Nic ( sitting in image below), is extremely talented with over 40 years experience, but often no-one sees him or gets to see his work in progress. Although we specialise in diamond jewellery, bespoke jewellery and wedding rings, we als