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Elliot Brown watches and our day aboard the Clipper 70's!

If you're an active, thrill seeking, all round outdoor person, the Elliot Brown watches are definitely for you. Equally if you are non of these things, but LOVE a quality, precision designed watch on your arm, then take a look at some of the fantastic collections Elliott Brown has to offer. To quote Elliot Brown themselves, they immerse themselves in a coastal playground where salt water, sand and harsh knocks place huge demands on any watch.Distilling almost 20 years of experience from the world of extreme sports the founders and designers of this brand threw off their career comfort blankets to develop a range of durable watches that could travel on every adventure. They are also perfectio

Diamonds passed down generations to make a stunning contemporary ring.

We absolutely love it when we are asked by our customers to create a new piece of jewellery using diamonds from family heirlooms. It's often the case that people are left jewellery from family members that might not be to their exact taste. Jewellery is a very personal thing, and what might be right for one person is not for another. This can just simply be down to taste, or it can be down to latest trends, hand size, hair colour, personality etc. There are many reasons why a piece of jewellery might not suit you, bearing in mind that jewellery must always reflect your personality! One of our lovely customers approached us to see what we could do with her Grandmother's diamond ring and brace