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Josephs Jewellers of Ormskirk is renowned for personal bespoke service. Below are some examples of previous clients work. If you are interested in talking to us about designing and creating your own unique piece of jewellery, then please contact us.


Josephs of Ormskirk can transport you into a world of passion and excitement with their ability to turn your dreams of owning a bespoke piece of jewellery into a reality. Imagine owning jewellery that you have helped to create and design! A unique and timeless piece that will no doubt have sentiment and its own story to share. 

The bespoke design service starts off with your dream, and driven by this throughout the design process. Our Goldsmiths will only use the best materials in making your jewellery to a standard that is second to none.




We can also re-design/adapt an existing piece of jewellery for you. This might be a sentimental piece that we can turn into something wearable and modern for you to wear every day.


We also offer a unique capping service for wedding bands - turning old family heirlooms into modern rings for your special day. Your sentimental yellow gold ring touches your skin on the inside, whilst giving a contemporary design on the outside. Keeping the memory alive for generations to come in just 3 easy steps. Step 1, decide you are going to transform your ring. Step 2, choose the metal and finish of the outside of your new ring. Step 3, your old sentimental ring is transformed into a modern ring you will cherish forever. 

Whether your desire for a bespoke piece of jewellery be for an engagement ring , wedding ring, or a statement necklace or ring; what we create together will be yours forever to keep close to your heart. 




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